Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved


The Hordim is dead, a victim of your cold determination to complete your mission, but even in death it vexes you. The Mutan's blood is fetid beyond belief, the thick liquid burning into the stone as it wells up and drains away through cracks in the floor. Immediately you realise your own weapon is at risk and turn to see it also beginning to smoke ominously from the effects of the Hordim's vital fluids. Quickly you grab a piece of the creature's clothing and wipe the remnants of its blood from Than'durion's iron blade. It is not a moment too soon for you save the sword from any further damage, though you cannot save it from the lingering odour the blood has left upon its metal. It is only as you work to remove the last traces of the Hordim from your sword that you feel the true cost of your labours working upon you.
After the long climb you have just completed the ferocity of this combat has left you exhausted. For a few moments you must rest. Breathing heavily you place your back against the cold stone of the passage and try and regain your strength. Over the sounds of your own laboured breathing you can hear clearly the carousing of the Hordim, and it is a terrifying melee indeed. Intermingled with shouting and swearing you can hear the dull impacts of a fight between large creatures, furniture being thrown and in the background of it all a steady chant that rises and falls to the music of a set of reed flutes. It is altogether too disturbing a backdrop to your progress, but there is something else here and it gives you reason to pause and try to identify it. The passage may be filled with the sounds of the Hordim ahead but there is a vibration beneath you, an unmistakeable tremor that runs through the stone that is difficult to define. As you rest you try and determine what it is, however even the stone affinity of a Dwarvendim cannot make out its origin. After a few moments you reconcile yourself to the certainty that if it is a harbinger of danger you will know about it soon enough.
When you feel better able to move you take the time to kneel before the body of the Mutan and inspect its grotesque form. One look is enough. Its lifeless, black eyes chill you to the bone and you quickly throw its bloodied cloak over its head.
(If your sword has previously been damaged you may resheathe it in favour of the Mutan's axe. If this is your choice record this new weapon on your character status sheet and add three points to your combat value. This will replace most of those points lost when your sword was damaged.)
The corridor remains empty but regardless of your fatigue you cannot afford to linger here for there is too great a chance of discovery. Quickly you ready yourself, then leave the dead Hordim behind as you continue eastwards down the passage. Some 20 metres further to the east the corridor turns abruptly northwards. A further 20 metres to the north this passage intersects with another larger hallway, leading both to the east and west. It is like the hall you have just passed through in that it is well lit and well kept. Here the hall is wider, with high vaulted ceilings. Rich tapestries line the walls, hiding the smooth cut rock behind. The floors are swept and relatively clean and a strange yellow light illuminates every corner. You retreat momentarily to the comparative safety of the darker passage to the south and ponder your next move.

Turn to section 228.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved