Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved


The bottle contains a crudely made potion, distilled from Nahla fruit and fermented into a mead that smells distinctly of the powerful regenerative. A closer look at the glass container tells you also that the potion is Hordim-made. Most things medicinal in the Four Nations are produced by the alchemists of the Faeyen. It is a thing they do particularly well, and always with an attention to detail and quality. What you hold is something far less sophisticated but not necessarily dangerous. Carefully you smell it again before swilling the bottle about. There is only enough in the container for maybe a few mouthfuls and without thinking any further on its possible origins you drink it down quickly, leaving nothing remaining.
At first you feel nothing, a sense of unease washing over you as you realise there could just have easily been poison in the container. Then the potion begins its work and you have to grab at a nearby table to steady yourself. As you stand there comes a powerful flood of dizziness, one that quickly changes into a tingling touch across your skin. Before you can move the sensation deepens, focusing into a burning pain. From the core of your stomach the agony spreads, moving along your arms and legs, searching its way until your entire body is engulfed in its embrace. Trying not to cry out the Nahla within the potion takes a hold upon you, and as it has you in its grip it feels as if it is squeezing the very life from you. Then to your relief it passes. Breathing heavily you try to stand upright and as you do so any fatigue you have evaporates. In that moment your body heals, all the fatigue of your journey lifting from you as a fog might at the first touch of daylight. Unsure as to what has happened you steady yourself and recover the bottle which you had dropped at the onset of the potion's effect. It is only then that you realise that your left arm from the shoulder to the wrist is numb and a good deal weaker because of it.
As you replace the bottle upon the rough top of the makeshift cupboard you are startled by a faint metallic noise behind you. Immediately you crouch, taking advantage of the semi-darkness. A quick look around finds nothing but you wait, all senses on alert, sure that you will soon have to meet the charge of some hideous creature. It does not come. For a good ten minutes you crouch in the shadows your body tingling from the effects of the potion, your brow dripping with sweat. When the expected attack does not eventuate you slowly relax and slip quietly to the floor, your back propped against the smooth stone of the Mess Hall's western wall. Now you must decide what to do next.

The Nahla potion has restored all lost endurance to your character status. Return your endurance back to its initial level that you started the adventure. This boon comes at a cost however. You have lost strength in your left arm, and although this will not affect your combat value you must now suffer a -1 to your Strength attribute for any strength test taken from this point onwards. Once you have recorded this on your character sheet you must decide your next move. Will you search the Mess Hall for useful articles? If this is your choice turn to section 90. If you would rather search the kitchen area turn to section 22. If there seems more value in trying the door in the western wall turn to section 237. If however you would rather try the door in the northern wall turn to section 136.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved