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With the possibility of the Horde still close you decide against lighting a fire. Deep sleep is elusive, the cold wind howling around and over the scattered boulders of the outcrop. Like the Ring of Stones the sound of the rushing wind conjours too many imaginary spectres in the night. Lying amongst the rocks with Pallenten close, and the wind whistling its own mournful song, you find you cannot help but think about the events of the past days. In the main your thoughts lie with the Kalboreans.
Your captors at Maenum, by their words and deeds proved they had accumulated a great knowledge of the history of the Dwarvendim, and specifically the circumstances that led to the loss of the Tellandra. It was equally plain that they did not fully understand how EarthMagic works, nor the place the pillar of stonewood has in being able to control it. It was ironic that the Kalboreans sent you on this journey for in their ignorance they could not foresee the consequences of your possible success. They have ensured you reach your goal by the use of the metal collar that rubs uncomfortably at your neck, but you know the act of fixing the Tellandra will forever take the powers of EarthMagic out of their hands.
Over the years you have heard more than one learned voice echo the suspicion that the magic the Kalboreans wield with the Tellandra is only a pale reflection of its true power. Like a man who has never stood in the face of the treachersa it is a force of nature they have never truly experienced, and because of this will be wholly unprepared for its restoration. If you are indeed successful in returning the Tellandra to its former potency, the resulting surge in energy will rise like a tide to overwhelm whoever attempts to control it. In their desperation the Kalboreans will try and maintain their hold on the EarthMagic, but it will escape them as surely as tethering a wild horse with twine. Then the Dwarvendim will be able to take back its vast power for themselves. Since the demise of the ancients only the Dwarvendim have attempted to determine the real power of the EarthMagic and having done so, have respected it enough never to use it in its fullest extent. The secret to harnessing its great power lies not in control but in moderation and respect.
As you lay within the outcrop you wonder at the circumstances that have brought you to this juncture. It is true that the Kalboreans sent you on this quest, but you do it because you know what it will mean for your people. There is of course the matter of what will happen to you once the pillar is restored and the Kalboreans realise what has happened. But you've never been one of their favourite thieves anyway, and you feel sure that no matter what happens you will be little appreciated. They placed the wheels in motion. They will bear the consequences of their actions. Lying amongst the stones you look to the sky and consider the flowing tapestry of swift low cloud and darkness above. For a short while you listen to the wind, but then the fatigue of the day finally takes hold and you fall into sleep.

Test your intuition attribute. If you are successful turn to section 477. If you fail this this test turn to section 433.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2001 - 2007 All Rights Reserved