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Windhammer, Written by Wayne Densley 2001 All rights reservedThe Maturi Len's home is old and ill-kept. Apart from a single table at the centre of its only room, every surface in the house is covered with books, scrolls and jars. The walls are adorned with charts and a wondrous variety of magical artifacts and devices. From your own vague memory it seems he has every piece of literature or apparatus that was ever housed in the Temple of the Suns stored in this small dwelling. The Maturi Len stands beside the central table, its worn legs supporting his frail form.
Windhammer, Written by Wayne Densley 2001 All rights reserved"Halokim, it has been a long time..."
"Yes Master, many seasons have passed since our last meeting, but the Temple of the Suns is a fond memory nonetheless. How is it that you come to be in this uncivilized place?"
The Maturi Len smiles warmly and extends his hand in welcome. His handshake is strong.
"Halokim, time is short and I believe your progress is being watched. To talk of what has happened since the destruction of the Temple would be of great interest to us both, but circumstances will not allow it. Instead I must talk with you of a matter of greater import." The Maturi Len looks earnestly into your eyes. " I am aware of your mission Halokim and the circumstances under which you have been persuaded to attempt it. What I would like to do is apply a slightly different focus to the purpose of your quest." The old man smiles slightly and you get the clear impression he is finding some wry irony in what he is about to say.
"You see Halokim, the Kalboreans do not know the full story of the Tellandra. They know only what they found after Stoneholme was evacuated, and this is not all that must be known." The old man moves his weight from foot to foot. He is obviously having trouble standing and you move towards him in an attempt to help him to a chair. He raises his hand and motions you to stop. His mind is focused on the message he must deliver.
"Soon after the death of Morgen the Younger a cohort of Dwarvendim warriors stormed the Deep Vault to do battle with the Dragon. In the fight that ensued all the Dwarvendim perished, the Dragon was badly wounded and the pillar of stonewood was cracked. It was that single act that spelt the ultimate demise of the Stone Kingdoms. Damaged as it was, the Tellandra's power changed. The Kalboreans subdued the Dwarvendim peoples, but they only know the power of the Tellandra in its diminished form. They do not know its true essence. Only a Dwarvendim LoreMaster can appreciate and control the vast power of the pillar in its wholeness."
"Listen to me carefully Halokim. When you find the broken pieces of the pillar you can meld them back into a whole by intoning the words that are carved into the Tellandra's base. To do so Halokim, will reverse the ebb of its power and restore the pillar to its fullness. This done the Dwarvendim will have the tool needed to rise again."
Suddenly the Maturi Len stops. Outside the flutter of wings is urgent and full of concealed danger. The LoreMaster's bearing changes, there is haste in his voice. "Now you must go. The Kalboreans obviously believe they need more than that collar around your neck to ensure you complete your quest. Remember what I have said. When you complete your journey return here. We still have much to discuss."

Turn to section 122.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2001 - 2007 All Rights Reserved