Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved


As you advance further into the centre of the Lesser Hall your eyes become better accustomed to the gloom, and even though the half-light obscures everything within a veil of shadows you are able to make out more of your surroundings. Within this large hall the heat remains oppressive, the sound of a great conflagration roaring in the near distance, out of sight but somewhere close at hand. In the south wall you can just make out the dark entrance of an open passage; across the north wall there hangs a gigantic tapestry that extends across the wall's entire reach, and as you peer into the gloom the huge ornately decorated cloth billows slightly as if a soft wind ushers from some unknown source behind. At the very edge of your vision in the eastern wall there stands an enormous set of double doors framed within a wide arch. Before the doors rests a large, dark, brooding shape.
Realising there is nothing to be lost by having some illumination you pull one of the torches from your pack, light it quickly and then throw it out in the direction of the double doors. In a shower of sparks the torch hits the hard stone floor and skitters erractically to a stop. Like a nightmare exploding from the depths of some black pit the dark shape rises from its rest and rushes towards the light. In the smouldering flame of the torch you go cold as you recognise what it is, and with that realisation draw your weapon and take a nervous step backwards.
At the edges of the torch's reach you can make out the shape of a Reaver, a creature native to the northern wastelands of Arborell yet somehow here within this dark chamber. It is a huge scorpion-like beast, crouching on six muscular legs and standing more than three metres at the shoulder. All across the far reach of the hall you can also see the skeletons of many animals, cleaned of flesh and strewn about the floor. You have stumbled into the lair of one of the Hordim's pets, and they must keep it here for a reason.
Quickly you look back to the way you have come but you are too far from the exit to make a run for it. Reavers are incredibly fast creatures and there would be little chance of making it to safety before one of its huge clawed arms would cut you down. You have no choice but to stand and fight. This however, is a daunting prospect. Poisonous-looking green scum exudes from the creature's skin, and its head and back is encased in an armoured carapace that glistens in the faltering light like oil on water. There can be no doubt that this is truly a monster. Above the boom and rush of the distant conflagration you stand your ground, the beast's razor sharp claws rasping upon the stone floor as it moves towards you.
All at once dread overtakes you, but excitement crowds your thoughts as well. Reavers guard only those treasures that the Hordim covet most. The Dragon's lair must surely be close at hand, though if you are to find it you must get past this creature first. Without hesitation the Reaver charges forward to attack.

If you are in possession of the Dragonclaw turn to section 169. If you do not have the Dragonclaw but do possess a small bag of flour turn to section 581. If you have neither of these items then you must rely on skill alone. Turn to section 46.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved