Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved


For a moment the image of the Mentor fades as if the old man is about to leave. It is then that you remember the plight of the wraiths of Kal Murda.
"Mentor, wait!" you shout out. "I have a message from Aggamem the Elder!"
At the mention of the name the Mentor becomes solid once again, his face a vision of surprise edged with concern. "Aggamem the Elder you say, Master Vesh. That is a name long remembered by the Powers of the World. The spark of his creation has been missing for many years and it would be good to know what has become of it."
You move towards the Mentor and explain all that you saw at Kal Murda; your use of the stonewood to see into the existence of the wraiths and the words of the Jotun General. It is a story long in the telling and the old man wants to here it all. When you are finished the Mentor places his hand on your shoulder.
"Halokim, you have done a service to the Powers that cannot be easily repaid. For centuries this tragedy has passed unnoticed and only the Shan'duil can make it right. Give me one moment and all those who have been afflicted will be delivered from their torment."
As you watch the Mentor bows his head and begins to concentrate hard on the stone at his feet. Immediately a burning blue glow radiates out from the floor, bathing his body and face in its radiance. It is a momentary brilliance but as you stare into the light you can make out beneath his feet a vast flowing river of blue pulsing like a heartbeat as it rushes deep beneath the earth. Within it you can see a myriad of stars, bright points of light swarming as fish might in the deep ocean; but through it all you can feel the power of the River of Life and hear the Mentor in earnest conversation with voices that resound within the stone like the tremors of an earthquake.
When he is done the Mentor stands as a frail old man visibly weakened by the effort of communicating with his Master.
"It has been done Master Vesh. The wraiths of Kal Murda have been released, and now all have found the rest that has been denied them. It is a great service you have performed Halokim. The River cannot abide imbalance and the plight of those trapped souls had gone unnoticed in the greater cycle of life. All is now a measure closer to perfection and the Shan'duil will remember the part you have played. Well done."
The Mentor smiles and turns to face the Tellandra. "Make now for Kal Arbor. The Maturi will tell you all you need to know."
As those last words echo within the chamber the image of the Mentor fades and then is gone. Within the vast space you find yourself alone, once again left to your own devices. Carefully you turn towards the doors to the Vault and come to a halt, startled by what you see. Across the entire surface of the huge doors is an intricately carved representation of the last desperate moments of your battle with Windhammer. In the restoration of the Deep Vault it would seem you have found a measure of immortality, a timeless reminder for all who might pass into this great chamber that it was you who brought EarthMagic back to the Dwarvendim. Not bad, you think, for a petty thief.
Carefully you head for the doors, the passage beyond lit brightly with a yellow glow. In the world above you will find the next task that awaits you and you see no reason to tarry any longer. Slowly you make for the corridor but turn to take one last look at the Deep Vault. At its end shines the Tellandra, a deep blue aura vibrating with power as it illuminates the chamber, the dark green of a forest canopy overhead, carved in arches of moving glass that sparkle in the pillar's reflected brilliance. All in all it has been a good day's work.
Ahead lay a slow return to the world and another quest to be completed. Whether you are up to the task is a question that you know can only be answered in the fullness of time. All you can be sure of is that whatever happens next will, of course, be another story.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved