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Continuing south is definitely the easiest route to the Krodestaag mountains and Stoneholme. You know that at any time the collar at your throat could tighten like a noose, and this seems a compelling reason to take the shorter road. You decide to risk being stopped in Das Frontiere.
As you journey further south the traffic begins to increase. Wagons filled with rations and other supplies are beginning to move north, probably to re-supply the army units encamped around Baellum. In the growing movement of wagons and animals your progress starts to slow, but at least you are not as noticeable as you might be on your own.
The flat fields bordering the road gradually give way to a series of rolling hills, which force the road into a series of long curves that wind roughly southwards. It is as you are coming round one of these wide bends that you run into a Kalborean checkpoint. The post is nothing more than a small hut and a long stablehouse situated to the right of the road. It is manned, you can tell by the smoke rising from one of the windows that someone inside is cooking. There is no other activity that you can see. Usually such a checkpoint would be of no concern as very rarely is anyone ever stopped at one. Army checkpoints are well known for their tardiness, especially when positioned in isolated areas such as this. The flag hanging limp from its pole changes your mind immediately. This post is manned by a unit of the Provost General's men and is not a normal Army post at all.
Functioning as the military equivalent of a police force the Provost General enforced all the laws of Kalborea, and it was rumoured they had power even over the Guild of Administrators themselves. Commissioned by the Lord Administrator to quell all dissent within the Union the Provosts were single-minded in their determination, and well-known for the ruthlessness of their enforcement. As far as you are aware they may still consider you an Enemy of the State.

:e' straaga dien cem iphar esh' a'd ahda'pelloth ahn dr'math u dehr orn'qirion:

Unable to turn around without bringing attention to yourself you decide to try and bluff your way through. From the small hut a smartly uniformed soldier marches out into the roadway and raises his hand.
"Halt in the name of the Kalborean Union!" He is standing directly in your path and forces Pallenten to a standstill. At once he begins a careful visual search of you and your mount. From the look in his eyes it is evident he has noticed the sword at your side and the collar at your neck.
"State your name and purpose."
This challenge does present you with a dilemma. The truth did not help much in Miller's Crossing so a small untruth may help here.
"My name is Halokim Vesh, a Dwarvendim in the service of the High Prefect of the LoreMages' Guild. I journey south with a message from my master to the Provincial Governor in Das Frontiere."
The Kalborean seems at ease with your answer but there is obviously something still bothering him. Turning to the hut he calls a command.
"Corporal Teleth, check the lists for this Dwarvendim."
From inside the hut comes a slow response. In the pause that follows you can't help but begin to sweat. As far as you are aware you are still a convicted felon with a death sentence on your head no less. You hope the Prefect had the foresight to get your name off the lists.

Turn to section 253.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved