Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2001 - 2007 All Rights Reserved


The food spread out in abundance on the wide tables of the stall is fresh and varied, however you have enough to last the journey to Stoneholme. It is probably better to keep what money you have in case it is needed later. From the centre of the thronging market place you try to push your way out of the crowd and find a less populated way to the town's southern exit. It is as you are pushing past a large group of the community's well-fed citizenry that you come face to face with a group of Kalborean guards. Their leader is a particularly ugly, overweight man dressed in an ill-fitting uniform.
"Oi! Don't you know stone-eaters can't carry weapons here?"
"With all respect Sir." You try to be as submissive as your ego will allow. "I am in the service of a Prefect of the LoreMages' Guild. My journey requires I carry this weapon. I have with me a written permission to do so."
The guard does not seem at all impressed. "I couldn't give a toss and sod your Prefect. No stone-eater carries a weapon in my town. Hand it over now!" The guard leader puts out his hand and starts to move purposefully towards you.
So much for the letter. There are too many guards to make for a satisfying fight and you do not feel disposed to hand over your sword. Instead you punch out with your right arm and strike the Kalborean heavily between the eyes. With a look of complete surprise he falls backwards into the pack of thugs, who desperately try to evade being crushed under him. In the confusion of flailing arms and legs you make your escape. Leaping upon the back of Pallenten you flick its reins but your horse needs no encouragement. With a lunge she bursts forward through the pressing crowd and races for the south gates at the other end of town. Around market stalls and loaded wagons you race, avoiding startled pedestrians and overturned baskets as you attempt to get as far as possible from the town guards. It proves to be a difficult task, one that will require more than Pallenten's strong legs to accomplish.
The crowds at the south end of the square are building steadily, now too thick to get through easily. It appears that you have arrived in Miller's Crossing on an important market day. People from all over the district have made their way into town, and you are confronted on the south road by a steady stream of townsfolk and merchants arriving for the afternoon's trading. Coming almost to a standstill you realise that your position upon Pallenten's broad back leaves you easily identifiable in the crowd. Quickly you jump from her back and begin pushing your way through what is becoming an ever growing tide of people, wagons and beasts of burden, all slowly moving towards the town centre. Although it is hard going the crowds do work in your favour. Within the volume of moving traffic you quickly lose your pursuers, and once they have themselves been diverted by a major brawl that has erupted over spilt goods you draw Pallenten to the edge of the thoroughfare and consider your next move.

With the traffic still streaming in from the south gate you must decide what you will do next. The only way out of town is the south gate and there are a number of ways you can get there. If you wish to stick to the main road and make your way within the cover of the crowds, turn to section 372. If you would much rather take a side street and avoid this traffic, turn to section 382.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2001 - 2007 All Rights Reserved