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Although you could do with the warmth of a fire you believe it is too dangerous to take the chance. There are many things on these plains that may be drawn to flames, things you would rather not have to confront. Instead you will remain as inconspicuous as possible. You are lucky in that the boulder outcrop makes an excellent break from the cold northerly winds, and you do your best to protect Pallenten and yourself from the chill. It is going to be a miserable night but you decide to make the best of it. After placing Pallenten in the lee of the boulders you lay out your blanket and try to settle down for the evening. Even though it is cold and the wind is still rushing about the outcrop, you make yourself as comfortable as possible. The journey of the day has been very tiring but you cannot sleep. Lying amongst the rocks, with Pallenten near and the wind howling a dire song, you cannot help but think about the events of the past few days. In the main your thoughts lie with the Kalboreans.
You have no love for your captors, they have proven over the course of your life that they cannot be trusted, and that they use a fog of half-truths as a means to coerce and control those they subjugate. This quest is one based upon such half-truths, but it is one which you must not fail to complete. The irony is that it will be completed for reasons the Kalboreans cannot begin to appreciate.
It is true that the Kalborean LoreMages know a considerable amount about the history of the Dwarvendim, and the circumstances that led to the loss of the Tellandra. It is also true that they do not fully understand how EarthMagic works nor the place the pillar of stonewood has in being able to control it. The Kalboreans have sent you on this journey and in doing so have made a huge miscalculation. They have ensured you reach your goal by the use of the white metal collar that rubs uncomfortably at your neck, but you know the act of fixing the Tellandra will forever take it out of their hands.
Over the years you have heard more than one learned voice echo the suspicion that the magic the Kalboreans wield with the Tellandra is only a pale reflection of its true power. Locked away from all human contact in its deep, dark vault it has not been seen since the fall of Morgen Orncryst. And as such, has not been used by any of the Dwarvendim since that time. For the Kalboreans, the power of the Tellandra is only what they have experienced, a power diminished by its fracture and by their misuse. Because of this the LoreMages will be wholly unprepared for its restoration, and with the pillar's return to fullness the Kalboreans hold on the Tellandra will fail. Such is the power of EarthMagic that it will rise like a flood-swollen river before them and sweep away any vestige of their hold over it. In the face of this overwhelming power the LoreMages will falter and then the Dwarvendim will easily regain their control of the stonewood, and have the tool they need to shrug off the repression of the Kalborean Union. It is true that the Kalboreans sent you on this quest, but you resolve to do it because you know what it will mean to your people.
There is also the small matter of what will happen to you once the pillar is restored, and the Kalboreans realise what has happened. In your own mind you know they will not be pleased, you are also sure that you've never been one of their favourite thieves, and no matter what happens you will be little appreciated anyway. It is a certainty that from the conclusion of this quest you will be a marked man.
Lying there considering the bright stars and the flowing wisps of low cloud your mind begins to wander, and soon the fatigue of the day takes hold. With Pallenten standing by your side you fall into an uncomfortable, fitful sleep. When the morning comes it is clear and cool. Getting up from your blanket you cannot see Pallenten at first, she has wandered off to graze but you can hear her chomping away at the thick grasses somewhere behind the boulders. After eating a small breakfast and putting away your equipment you walk out onto the grass and call her to your side. One call is not enough but a second gets her moving. Within a moment she is by your side, looking out in the direction of the Devkraager Tor and waiting for you to remount. Today you will reach the mountain. Climbing up onto the great horse you flick her reins and begin this next leg of your journey. In the quiet of the early morning, the muffled beat of Pallenten's hooves on the plain is the only sound you hear as you set her on her way to the south-west.

Your restless sleep and cold meal will only return 3 endurance points to your endurance level. If these points are needed record them on your character sheet and then turn to section 292.

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