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The Faeyen gestures as if he knows you and has something important to say. You have never seen him before but he has such a look of urgency on his face that it impels you to see what he wants. The man is dressed in the manner favoured by the Faeyen, all flowing robes and bright colour, but the concern he is expressing draws you to him. When you reach his position he says nothing but grabs you by the arm and pulls you into a side alley. Immediately you confront his attempt at secrecy.
"Hold it right there Merchant, I am a man of honour going about lawful business. What is it you want of me?"
The Faeyen looks out into the crowded market and then turns to look directly into your eyes. "I am sorry for the affront my friend, but I must speak with you quickly about your position here in this town." He again looks to the square then continues on, his manner even more furtive.
"You are truly in great danger my friend. The battle to the north has been reported here only as rumour and half-truth. Nothing has been heard from the town authority and most of the Crossing's residents are getting very anxious. They see their hard-won prosperity being taken from them by the coming war and they wish to blame the Dwarvendim for not keeping the Horde at bay."
You look at the Merchant and consider his words. "How can they blame my people for something that has not yet occurred? As we speak my people are fighting and dying upon the ramparts of Maenum. Surely word has spread of the desperation of the battle being fought?"
The Merchant grabs you again by the arm, "Unfortunately nothing has been told of the battle. The Kalborean authorities are keeping all information to themselves and in this vacuum people are starting to create their own. The Dwarvendim are not here, and it is at their door that the townsfolk lay the blame for their concerns."
"You have been lucky my friend. Your horse and travel cloak have so far disguised your Dwarvendim background, but it is only a matter of time before someone will recognise you and attempt violence upon you."
For a moment you think on this. It is a common response for people to blame the dispossessed. Perhaps coming to Miller's Crossing was a mistake. There is one thing you need to clear up though.
"Tell me why you should care for my welfare Faeyen. These would be dangerous times for anyone seen helping one of my people."
The question brings a smile to the Merchant's face, "A fair question considering the times. I help because I covet the profit of trading with the Kalboreans far less than the loathing I feel for them. They are a crude and unsophisticated lot. Anyway, the Faeyen and Dwarvendim have a lot in common. We both have been suppressed by the Kalborean Union; we gave in before they destroyed us, you fell beneath their sword. In the end we both have suffered for it."
"All I can say now is get out of here as quickly as possible. Use that hood on your cloak to hide your features and make for the south gate. If anybody recognises you it will go very badly indeed."
With that the Merchant walks out into the square and disappears into the crowd. You are left to ponder your choices.

If you wish to take the merchant's advice turn to section 383. If you still wish to stop at the tavern first before leaving Miller's Crossing, turn to section 398.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved