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Caught completely by surprise you stumble forward, and are then pushed further into the view of the cavern and its occupants. Quickly you regain your footing and stand before the red glare of the fire, looking into the faces of the Hordim as they recover from their own astonishment. It is a hesitation that does not last long. Against a backdrop of flame-thrown shadows they spring into action, the Morg spreading out, covering the only exit from the cavern, and your only chance of escape. From the moment you felt the shove in the back you knew you were dead, and it seems all the more likely as you realise fully what you are up against. It is certain that the Hordim are not going to let you leave this place alive, and that given the chance the Morg will ensure your death will be long and painful.
From beyond the circling Morg one of the Jotun pushes forward, an enormous warhammer hanging loosely in its hands. With nowhere to go you draw Than'durion and stand your ground, unsure as to why these Hordim have not already attacked. As you wait for the inevitable assault the Jotun turns to his compatriots and motions them to silence, then he looks directly at you.
"Come vehmin, tell us how it is that you find yourself here." It is a question spoken in fluent Dwarvendim, and delivered even with the heavy accent of your people. At first you cannot decide what is the more surprising; that he can speak your native tongue, or that he speaks it so well.
Swinging your sword in small arcs you back up towards the far side of the chamber and smile awkwardly at the enormous brute.
"All the usual reasons. It was such a nice day I thought I'd go for a walk. Saw the smoke and figured someone had meat on the table. There was a chance I might find hospitality here, but instead I have found you."
The Jotun smirks wryly. He knows the plains are mostly deserted at the turn of the seasons and that no-one travels upon them without good reason. In an expansive gesture he extends his arms as if embracing his fellow Hordim.
"And such it was for us. The day demanded a walk in the countryside and we have found both clean air and good food for our trouble. Who could have thought that a little entertainment might also stumble our way."
You know this banter is meaningless, it is simply a ploy to give the Jotun enough time to size you up. For your part no time is required. The Jotun is at least three and a half metres tall, encased in an armoured breastplate and shrouded by a long leather cloak. In the firelight the warrior is enormous, his brethren holding back as he slowly moves towards you. As you look about the room you know that these creatures are toying with you, their only concern who will kill you first.

:dehr treachersa mar u dr'math: cryel tpesh a' duel:

As you are not disposed towards either a long or painful death you decide that the best option is a quick end, one that takes as many of the Hordim with you as possible. Taking Than'durion in hand you run for a clear area at your right, one that allows you to have your back against a wall. From this position you see a third Jotun, no doubt the creature that pushed you into the cavern. All three Warriors stand before you, two armed with warhammers, the third wielding a huge flail made of chain tipped with small steel spheres. Here you will have to fight for your life. Here you will probably die.
This is a battle that shall be difficult to win. The Jotun have a strict code of honour regarding single combat and because of this you will find that they will attack you one at a time, the most senior warrior going first. The three warriors must be fought in turn and if you are lucky enough to kill one of them, he will be replaced immediately by the next. The Jotun have the following combat ratings and endurance levels.

The first Jotun has a combat value of 18 and an endurance of 16. The second Jotun has a combat rating of 17 and an endurance of 14, the third Jotun a combat rating of 17 and an endurance of 13. If by some miracle you defeat these enormous foes then you will have achieved a great victory and should turn to section 411. If, however, their combined power is too much for you then it is here in this dark place that you will die and your quest will end. Perhaps in another life Providence will grant you better luck.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved