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In a way you cannot help yourself. As a thief such lists have always been of vital importance as a source of information, but for reasons never considered by the Guild of Administrators who published them. To those who might peruse the lists out of pure curiosity they are a simple accounting of all who have fallen foul of the authorities. For the Guild they stand as a proud record of the effectiveness of the Kalborean Union in keeping its citizenry safe. Little could they realise how important the lists were to the very rogues they wished to eliminate.
It is a truth that it does not take much these days to find your way onto the lists, however for a thief they have long been a vital tool for avoiding capture. Most of the banditry committed on the frontier has always been conducted under the loose control of a number of organised criminal networks. A thief's ill-gotten gains could be easily passed on to a network contact, and then moved through an underground smuggling operation that funnelled money and contraband to the more settled areas of southern Kalborea. There the goods would be properly fenced and a reasonable commission returned to those who stole them. It could not be called a perfect enterprise by any means but it had served its purpose for generations, and the lists provided everyone who had goods to fence a clear understanding of which networks had been compromised, and who was currently safe to deal with. To read through the lists was a habit that the criminal element of Kalborea indulged in religiously. It was a hard habit to break and one that may help you now.
Quickly you guide Pallenten through the crowd and position her so that she might give you some space near the wall, and block most prying eyes from what you are doing. Carefully you trawl the lists, searching out names you recognise and hunting for any clue to whether any of the contacts you have in the south have become unsafe. Thankfully you find nothing on the wanted lists but a short addendum concerning current executions gives you reason to pause. Amongst a line of unfortunate souls that are about to feel the sharp edge of Kalborean hospitality you find one name that makes you wince. It is Dahl Anders and it is a poor pass he has found himself in.
Dahl had been your friend since you first found your way onto the streets. He had been much older than yourself when you had first met, one of the Brethren of the Deep Guild who had been forced into hiding upon that guild's dissolution at the hands of the Union. On the streets you could not have survived alone, but he had taken you under his protection and it had been from him that you had learned the first important lessons of your trade. It is no exaggeration to say that you owe him a lot, and in the passing years had never found a good enough way to repay him. From what you can glean from the list he is to be held for one week pending transport to Das Frontiere, and then executed for smuggling . It is a situation that claws at your conscience, however the metal collar at your neck does not give you much in the way of options. To mount a jailbreak here in Miller's Crossing would require time and the right distractions to be successful. If you are to live to complete your mission there is no time to help your friend.
With Pallenten's reins gripped tightly in hand you turn from the lists and lead her back out into the growing traffic of the day. It is true that you can do nothing about helping your friend at this time, but you know that if you survive the days ahead you may yet deliver him from the tender mercies of the Kalborean Union. For the moment however, you must return to your quest.

Remember the name Dahl Anders. It is not important to your current quest but may prove of great value in the future. Now you must decide how you wish to make for the south gates. If you believe that there is merit in taking the side road turn to section 409. If you decide it will be better to remain within the crowds and continue south along the main thoroughfare turn to section 372.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2001 - 2007 All Rights Reserved