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No answer arises and in the ensuing silence you draw Than'durion and make your way inside. The interior of the cabin is as ramshackle and ill-used as its exterior. There proves to be little in the way of furniture within its four walls, and apart from a bed, small table and a solitary chair it is empty. There can be no doubt that the decrepit structure was once someone's home, though it has not been so for some time.
There is something you recognise here however, and quickly you move outside to check on your growing suspicion that this cabin is more than it seems. Although the interior of the shack is bare there is ample evidence surrounding it to show that many men have visited, the hoof and boot prints evident of at least a dozen in the past days. Your own experience tells you that there is a reason for this and it can be found outside.
The Faerron is one of the few places in northern Kalborea where a bandit can find safety for both himself and his stolen goods. The many farmsteads and other structures that litter the marshes are excellent places to stow plunder, and where necessary to find the shelter of a safe roof over your head. The trick though, in using such places for your ill-gotten gains, is to hide them away so that other bandits, who can sometimes stumble upon the dwellings, won't find the goods themselves.
Each bandit gang has their own particular codes that they use to direct members to caches of goods and money, but there are also a standard set of directions that remain in common usage amongst most. Your earlier life with these gangs tells you that this isolated place is being used as a drop point, and if you are lucky you may be able to find it.
Intrigued by what you might discover here you go outside and look about the porch area. Inscribed as small cuts in the wood above the door are three parallel lines no longer than the length of a finger. This is a good indication that the cabin is indeed the marker for a cache, but where it might be requires further investigation.

:dehr hoewck suud mar'shuil naer a'd aleth'on pa a'du velle:

Looking around the dwelling you come to the woodpile, neatly stacked against the side of the house. Although it is innocuous enough, the wood is newly cut and seems to have no purpose considering that the shack is deserted. Of all the things you have seen this woodpile is the one thing that is new, and it gives you pause to consider its true purpose. Quickly you realise that it is a pointer, one that draws a line directly to the edge of the clearing at you right.
Following the direction given you walk towards the thick vegetation and find near its border an area of ground that is far less stable than its surroundings. A quick test with your sword proves your suspicions, and it is then not hard to find a rope handle that you pull hard against. Immediately a long trap-door opens, hiding beneath it a narrow trench filled with an accumulation of stolen goods and provisions. After a quick look about the clearing you jump into the hole and search its contents.
A cursory survey of what you have found determines that most of the goods are of little value to your quest; most being clothing, personal jewellery and weapons of lesser quality than those you already possess. What you do find however, is more than a dozen ration packs, two flash-charges, and three small bottles of beer.
(You may take as much of the food as your carry load will allow. The provisions are bundled into packs equivalent to one ration each, but remember that you can only take what your character sheet allows you to carry. The two flash-charges are a valuable find. Each is a small tin-sized grenade capable of stunning the largest of creatures if used properly. The beer is something that may prove useful if you wish to take it. Each bottle will provide one point of endurance if drunk. All of these items are yours to acquire. Record their acquisition on your character sheet before you continue.)
Carefully you repack the remaining items and then replace the trapdoor as you found it. Calling Pallenten to your side you mount and turn her back to the trail. Although you have not found the expected path to the main western track you have at least seen nothing more of the Ranger, and with this in mind you urge Pallenten forward.
With the afternoon now lost to your diversion into the marshes you follow the trail back to the fork and consider what you should do next.

If you wish to now take the north-west path turn to section 553. If you can see no benefit in doing this and would rather return the way you have come, retracing a southward path back to the open plains turn to section 578.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved