Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved


After the exertions of your descent you rest in the darkened alcove for a short time, listening intently for any indication that danger might lurk within the confines of the Great Hall. In the silence you wait but apart from a subtle tremoring in the stone beneath you there is little to be uncovered. With aching limbs, and muscles that still cry out for rest, you haul yourself to your feet and ready your equipment. It is a curious thing but the further you descend into the mountain the more your sense that your are getting closer to the Tellandra firms. You cannot tell if it is just wishful thinking, or indeed the Pillar of Stonewood itself calling to you, but there is a presence about you that you can feel in your bones. It is a rising sense of intangible power, one you cannot see but one that envelopes everything here, and as you look out upon the Great Hall you know it is somewhere ahead.
Hearing only silence however, you move out into the hall and look more closely at the huge cavern. After the close and claustrophobic passageways you have been journeying through the Great Hall comes as a welcome change. From the shadows you wonder at the size of the hall, and the enormous statues that hold the roof upon their wide shoulders. In your people's distant past there must have been great pride held for this majestic achievement, and for a few moments you ponder the effort and artisanship that must have been expended on its artifice. It is a moment of reflection though, that quickly passes as you refocus your thoughts on your quest. Near the entranceway you find a selection of torches, all of which are ready for use and held loosely within a round metal container.
(You may take as many of these torches as you can carry. Remember however, that each will count as one item to your carry load. If you do not already possess torches they may prove to be very useful as you move further into the mountain. If you decide to take any record these on your status sheet before continuing.)
As you walk out further into the centre of the vast cavern you search your memories for anything that might help you here. From what you can remember the Great Hall had been the court of the last StoneKing, and it had been here that he had heard of the great treachery that had brought down the Dwarvendim, and ultimately thrown them into slavery and destitution. Great decisions had been made and many lives lost in those last dark days of the Stone kingdoms but it is a time in history long past to your people. For a moment you stand quietly in the midst of the cavern and wonder at all that had been lost, but it is a regret that others must redress for you do not have the time. A sound of falling stone somewhere beyond the Hall pointedly alerts you to how exposed you are. Moving quickly to the nearest wall you consider how you should proceed.

Will you,
Try the nearest door in the north wall? If so turn to section 48.
Try the nearest door in the south wall? If so turn to section 31.
Try the second door in the south wall? If so turn to section 189.
Investigate the alcove in the north wall? If so turn to section 239.
Try the door in the far eastern wall? If so turn to section 161.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved