Within these pages hallowed lay the history of many estates of Bretonnia past and present. The great King of Bretonnia hath given me the duty of recording these histories, and it is with great honour I carry out the wishes of the great and noble King.

To those who may read this in times future, I tell thee that each of the estates recorded within this tome own a single chapter, and no more. From their humble beginnings to their glorious rise to a major realm, or their fall to the hands of those who are best left unnamed. Each estate's entire history is recorded within this tome. May the Lady bless thee, reader, and may the tales within this tome all end in Bretonnian glory and honour.

Also included within this tome is a Hints section, in which lords of noble birth may find helpful information for building an estate.


Special: Hints

Chapter I: Chateau Guest

Chapter II: Forteresse Grismere

Chapter III: Volzing Keep

Chapter IV: Chateau Delhousie

Chapter V: Chateau Gratus

Chapter VI: Gothica of Haunted Clocks (The Raven's Den)

Chapter VII: Chateau Nuef (Example of Play)

Chapter VIII: Chateau Lacroix

Chapter IX: Chateau Neville

Chapter X: Castle Hartenstein

Chapter XI: Chateau Mortagne

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