Quick Start

To play Quest for the Orncryst requires the following resources be available before you begin:

If you are using a screen reader to access this game:-
If you wish to use a paper-based map and a normal ten-sided die:-

Character Generation

The following stats and equipment information can be used to generate a new character. Please remenber that 50 character points must be distributed for character attributes and a further 50 points for weapons, armour and equipment.

Character attributes:

Strength 3 - 8
Agility 3 - 8
Endurance 10 - 35
Luck 3 - 8
Intuition 3 - 8

Character Talents

Strong Back Disregard carry limitations. -1 to agility.
Heroic Confidence +1 to CV until first hit.
Back to the Wall No penalty if caught by pursuing creature.
Beast Slayer +1 to CV for all creature combats.
Dreya'dim Bane +2 to CV for all Dreya'dim combats.
Leap of Fate Re-roll up to 3 unsuccessful jump attempts.
Skin of the Teeth Survive reduction of Endurance to zero.
Shadar in the Making Re-roll any 2 failed intuition tests.
Weaponmastery +1 increase to CV. Must use same weapon.
Blessed by Providence Re-roll any 2 failed luck tests.

Weapons: (at least one must be selected)

Dagger Can only cause one point of damage Cost: 5 points
Short Sword All round weapon without special bonuses Cost: 10 points
Long Sword All round weapon with some advantages Cost: 12 points
Short Spear Has its advantages against some adversaries Cost: 12 points
Axe Has its advantages against most adversaries Cost: 15 points
Warhammer Excellent weapon for most adversaries Cost: 25 points

Armour: (not essential but only one may be chosen)

Padded Armour adds +1 to combat value Cost: 10 points
Leather Armour adds +2 to combat value, -1 to agility tests Cost: 15 points
Light Chainmail adds +3 to combat value, -2 to agility tests Cost: 20 points

Miscellaneous items (as many can be acquired as can be paid for)

Flash charges When used will blind adversary for 2 combat rounds.
-8 to foe's CV
Cost: 8 points (max 2)
Rope and Grapple Useful item Cost: 5 points
Shovel Useful item Cost: 5 points
Torch Additional item Cost: 3 points
Rations +4 to endurance when eaten Cost: 3 points (max 6)
Nahla bread +2 to endurance when eaten Cost: 2 points

Once you have all your items organised, and have completed a new character sheet, turn to section 1 to begin your adventure.

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