Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved


It takes only a short time to reach the end of this passageway, the finely carved walls giving way to the even more ornately carved stonework of another vaulted chamber. This open space serves as a junction for three passages, and the threshold to a single massive door that stands set into its eastern wall. To the north and south corridors reach into darkness and behind you the western passage rings to the sounds of your pursuit. Quickly you take to the northern hall but find it has been blocked by a deliberate collapse of its ceiling. With no way to take in that direction you try the southern passage but find it also has been blocked, a series of large roofing stones having been removed to bring down the ceiling there as well. Behind you the Hordim draw dangerously closer and with nowhere else to go you look then to the doorway.
Made of solid oak and standing over three metres tall it is set within a broad stone arch. Above the doorway is carved the crest of the Dwarvendim noble families and inscribed upon its keystone the words "Royal Library". The door is not locked, but it is stiff from misuse and it takes a moment to prise it open enough to gain entry. Squeezing yourself between the doorway and the stone threshold, you force your way into the library then close the door. On this side of the entrance you find a metal locking bolt and thanking Providence you slide it securely into its seating in the stone arch. Apart from the door's own lock there is also a wide wooden beam that can be placed across the door and then set firmly into two solid metal clamps. You use this to secure the door even further.
Feeling slightly safer with this barrier between yourself and your pursuers you study your new surroundings. The Royal Library is a large circular chamber roughly thirty metres in diameter. Consisting of two levels and capped by a high domed ceiling, the splintered remains of shelves line every wall, all once intended to hold hundreds of books but now dust covered and worm eaten. Above you the ceiling curves upwards, itself a continuous mosaic of polished tiles, representing all the disciplines of learned endeavour pursued by the old Stone Kingdoms. At the roof's peak a heavy iron chain hangs down, its cobwebbed links supporting a huge rusting chandelier from which the remains of dozens of candles still ooze over their holders. Within this quiet chamber you find also a number of reading desks, though they are damaged and unused. No books appear to have survived the habitation of the Hordim. In their place you find dust and debris now the main feature.
Carefully you do a quick search of the Library but discover to your dismay that there is no way out. The locked door is the only exit from the Library. You are trapped in a dead-end of your own making.

Will you rest for a moment and see what fate may bring? If so turn to section 106. If you would rather re-open the door and see if you can find another way turn to section 65. If however, you think it better to search the room for secret exits turn to section 103.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved