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The fight is short, and bloody. When you are done the two men lay crumpled on the roadway, no longer a threat to yourself or anyone else. For a moment you stand quiet and try to regain your breath. This was a fight you did not seek out, but you take no pleasure from the violence that has left you standing, and these two men dead. As a thief yourself you know that both of these bandits will not be missed or mourned, but for your sake they must not be seen either.
Quickly you look up and down the road. No-one has been witness to the fight and you cannot afford the complications that will follow the discovery of these men. Within the cover of the trees you drag both into the undergrowth. For a moment you consider whether you should bury them, or simply leave them out of sight, but you know you do not have the time for any proper burial. As you listen for any traffic on the roadway you camouflage the bodies with bracken and then return to the road to find your pack. Pallenten is nowhere to be seen, but as you retrieve your belongings she trots out from beyond the bend ahead. Calling her to you, you mount and take one last look at where you have hidden the bandits. You take no pride in what you have done but it was necessary, and you cannot afford to delay any further.

:dehr gwa'duine oel ren'wevim es bo'roth mu'hae'el ahn:

Turning a corner in the road puts you at the eastern end of a long stone bridge, looking across at the town of Miller's Crossing and its formidable fortifications. The entire town is surrounded by an impressive stone wall some 15 metres high and 10 metres thick. Upon this wall is a series of manned watchtowers and more gaudily coloured flags than you have seen on the battlements of any other fortified community. It is a good sign that even with war brewing in the north Miller's Crossing is doing very well indeed.
The bridge does not take long to cross. It is about 200 metres in length, built as a series of immense stone archways that span the width of the Laneslem. You have to admit that crossing this bridge is a new experience for you as previously you have always crossed on foot. On Pallenten's back it is quite unnerving. From the height of this vantage you can see over the high stone walls of the bridge, and it is a long way to the river below. One look at the length of the drop is enough for you. For the remainder of the crossing you find yourself focusing on the end of the bridge and the more welcoming entrance to the town. As you approach its far end you are met by a number of guards grouped loosely near the town's gates. They do not seem the slightest bit interested in stopping you and to your relief you are soon trotting down the centre of the town's main thoroughfare. Here within the walls, the noise of commerce and town life is overwhelming. The crowds are heavy and it is difficult to navigate through the throng of the early afternoon markets. Giving up, you dismount from Pallenten then push and shove your way through to the centre of the town square. It is there that you spy a food stall loaded with a wide variety of fresh provisions.

Do you wish to purchase more rations? If you do turn to section 240. If you believe it will be better to continue on through the crowded market turn to section 259. If you would rather seek out fresh water for Pallenten and perhaps a pint of ale for yourself, turn to section 385.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved