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"You surprise me Anawyn. Cannot such advice be given freely to a friend? Is there a need for money to change hands?" You do not feel disposed to pay for the answer to your question but it is not an unexpected request. You wonder at the gall of the woman however, and lean over the horn of your saddle as you wait for her response.
"It's a poor pass that we have come to," bemoans Anawyn Patrice, "that a person of knowledge such as meself should have to give away her livelyhood for nothin'. If there's no money to be 'ad perhaps a trade will interest you?"
"What do you want Anawyn, for I have little enough."
"It seems proper that I give what you need in payment for somethin' I want. Tell me what you saw on the road between Baellum and Maenum and you'll 'ave your answer."
There is little danger in telling her of what you have seen and as Pallenten nuzzles at the grasses at the roads edge you spend a few minutes describing the movement of troops towards Maenum. Anawyn is most interested however, with all you had seen of the dispersment of soldiery around Baellum. She takes in all that she hears and then pauses. You can see her mind working, a frown of concentration creasing her sun-burned face.
"Well, if that ain't unexpected." she whispers to herself.
"What do you mean?" you ask. "Is there something you know about the battle?"
Anawyn scratches at her ear before answering. "From what I 'ad heard the idea was for the soldiers you saw to immediately reinforce the garrison at Maenum. Quick like too. No stoppin' until they were on the walls themselves. Two officers were talkin' about it as they passed me stall an' they weren't relishin' the idea of facing up to the Horde. But if they've been campin' around Baellum that's all changed. Makes you wonder what they're up to."
You nod your head. You have your own thoughts on the duplicity of the Kalboreans but now is not the time to discuss them. Instead you ask your question again. "So Anawyn, what will I find to the South and West?"
The old woman turns and points down the South Road. "It won't be any great surprise but the Army's everywhere. Thugs the lot of them an' most too busy harrassin' good honest folk. A lot of talk on the road of everybody bein' under suspicion. Not a great way to go if you're lookin' to travelin' unnoticed."
"The West Road is a whole different kettle. Word is the Horde's been out an' about, bands of the creatures attacking farmsteads an' the like. Dunno where they come from but causing all sorts of 'ell nonetheless. Not a great way to go either, but at least the Army's not about."
For a moment you think on what you should do, but in your own mind your course is clear. Quickly you thank Anawyn (You can give her 1 of your ration packs if you wish) and then mount Pallenten. It is time to move on.

If you still wish to journey south to Das Frontiere turn to section 255. If you would rather take the road west to Melem's Fork turn to section 225. These are not however, your only options. On either side of the road you can see a number of farmhouses and fenced paddocks. Beyond them lay open ground and possibly a more direct route to the DevKraager Tor. If you think it will be more practical to strike out across country and make for the mountain this way, turn to section 261.

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Windhammer, Copyright Wayne Densley 2008 All Rights Reserved