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Welcome to the Chronicles of Arborell


Welcome Traveller. By a stroke of good fortune you have found your way to the realms of Arborell and the one true home of the Dragon Windhammer. Within these pages can be found everything needed to begin your exploration of these lands, and what follows here will make those travels easier. If you are new to this interactive gamebook series I invite you to read the introduction given in the link below. It is my hope that you will enjoy the journey...

Introduction to the Chronicles of Arborell
Latest News from the Scribe
Last Updated 19 January 2015

Notification of Results for the 2014 Windhammer Prize is pleased to announce that the 2014 Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction has been won by Paul Struth for his outstanding post-war gothic horror entry, The Sacrifice. Merit awards have been won by Philip Armstrong for his trans-dimensional sci-fi adventure The Puttbuster Initiative: Spacetime Golfcrush and Chan Sing Goh for his detailed historical adventure, The Empire's Edge. Commendation awards have also been awarded to Problem? (A Troll Adventure) by Andy Moonowl, Tales of a Captain: To Recruit a Daemon by Stefano Ronchi and The Tomb of Aziris by Sam Beaven. May Glory and Renown follow all who have found success here.

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Legends of the Deep Guild Now Available

The Chronicles of Arborell is proud to announce the release of five new micro-gamebook adventures for 2014. These five PDF adventures; Finding Dannam Tull, The Druhlstone, The Callas'Elanna, Grievous and Old Bones and Moonlight are available also in a single compilation PDF edition entitled Legends of the Deep Guild.

Based on legends recorded by the Deep Guild of Das Vallendor these micro-gamebooks chronicle the greatest missions of the Brethren who delve the deep ruins of Arborell. What makes these micro-gamebooks different from previous releases is the use of a standard rule set. Designed as a two page download for easy printing the rule set applies to each of these adventures.

All are free to download as PDF documents from the Chronicles of Arborell and require only a pen and two dice to play.

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Chronicles of Arborell Website Update

The Chronicles of Arborell website is currently being updated to this new presentation format. Due to the size of the website (over 1200 individual pages) this conversion process will take some time, and it has been decided to implement these changes in a series of stages. Until such time as the Chronicles have been completely updated readers will find both new and old formats intermingled within the pages of

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Guidelines Released for the 2014 Windhammer Prize is pleased to announce the release of competition guidelines for the 2014 Windhammer Prize for Short Gamebook Fiction. Now in its seventh year this contest is proudly sponsored by the Chronicles of Arborell and continues as a means to promote the gamebook genre, and to provide exposure within a competitive environment for aspiring gamebook authors. In particular this prize values creative and original works of gamebook fiction. The challenge given to those who wish to participate is to develop a full gamebook experience whilst meeting stringent requirements regarding length and original content. This competition is open to all gamebook writers and requires no entry fee or other costs.

All prospective participants in this year's competition should be aware that there have been some changes to the competition timetable and guidelines, the main changes relating to an increase in the maximum word count to 25,000 words, and clarification of how illustrations may be included in competition entries. The prize pool remains the same for this year and includes commercial publication of First Prize and Merit Award winners, cash prizes and certificates memorialising all winning entries.

May Glory and Renown follow all who enter.

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