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In the world of Arborell nothing ever remains static. It is a world constantly changing but in its chaos and turmoil is ever growing. Here can be found information on upcoming titles and important news regarding their development and release. May Glory and Renown follow all who survive the Chronicles of Arborell.


"In regards to the Dwarvendim of the Free State there are three things of which a man can be sure. The first is that they will always stand and fight, no matter the odds placed before them. The second, that if one is attacked all others will rise in their defence. The third, that a friend in need will never be abandoned. It can be argued that a Dwarvendim can be only one of two things to other men. They are either the most loyal friend you will ever have, or the last enemy you will ever make."

Vaeyawch Front Cover

Here can be found the story of Dellig Tull, a Dwarvendim of the Free State and a man of most unusual capability. It has been thirteen years since the Last Fleet of Men grounded upon the shores of Dromannion and in those years much has been done and much achieved. From the ragged remains of the Old World the survivors of that great journey have made a home in the New, one founded in freedom and equality. But in this world not all is yet safe, nor properly settled. Much of the tensions and division of the Old World remain, festering in the hearts of a few but capable of destroying all that has been achieved by the many.
For Dellig Tull adventure lies as close as a knock at his door, and from his home in Menion'hir he must begin a journey that will take him far from safety and deep into the wilds of the New World. His friend, Shalen'gael, last of the mysterious Gaels and Mentor to the children who have named themselves NomDruse has gone missing, and you are tasked with his return. How you achieve this is the story soon to be uncovered.

Within these pages will be found:

  • the complete rule system,
  • more than 300 section references,
  • player sheets,
  • maps of northern Arborell,
  • and a number of relevant appendices that explain the history of the Charters of Reason and the development of the fledgling Dromannion Free State.

It is said that a Dwarvendim can never leave a friend behind and in Dellig's quest to find Shalen'gael he will find that the New World is a far more dangerous place than he could ever have imagined. Man will kill Man and lurking in the wilds of the new continent he will discover something profound, a power that could threaten the existence of all who have settled upon the shores of Arborell.

Development Notes

September 2016

September 2016 sees the development of Vaeyawch moving ahead quickly. Set in the early years it is the story of Dellig Tull, a man who will become famous throughout the Realms of Men as an explorer and architect. His is a busy existence, his duties to supervise the construction of new communities within the boundaries of the Dromannion Free State. Little does he realise that he will be thrust into a dangerous adventure, and one that will uncover a deadly conspiracy. As this story takes place only thirteen years into settlement everything is very rudimentary, the survival of the Nations of Men in the New World still finely balanced.

At this time all maps have been completed, both front and back covers finished, the rule system and introductory sections finalised. A complete draft narrative has been written and all decision paths have been mapped and recorded. At this stage what remains is the writing of the individual sections and completion of the appendices.

Copyright (c) 2016 Wayne Densley. All rights reserved.