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Torchlight Adventure Series

"Here can be found a tale of centuries past, of how the Orncryst of the Trell'sara
came into the possession of the Dwarvendim StoneKings. Do not think however,
that this is a legend of Champions or Heroes, or indeed one of great deeds or potent
magic. This is a story of one man alone, who braves the depths of a vast ruin to find
a priceless artifact. In the world of Arborell that man is you..."

The Chronicles of Arborell is proud to present the release of a new edition of its first Torchlight adventure game - Quest for the Orncryst. As the first ever card-based gamebook adventure this title has been updated with an improved rule-set and updated section references included in a new Players Manual. This unique gamebook system consists of three main elements; a character generation and combat system drawn from the traditions of gamebooks and interactive fiction; a card-based map creation mode that allows for the generation of unique role-playing settings; and a manual-based set of 200 section references that provide all the information needed to conduct your adventure.

Unlike other gamebook adventures, the Torchlight system allows for an unlimited number of variations to the way the game may be played. No two games will be the same, and each will have their own hardships and challenges to overcome. As an updated release this edition of Quest for the Orncryst includes a comprehensive set of character generation rules and is compatible with the Windhammer Enhanced Combat System. This new enhanced combat system is now an alternative to the standard combat system and is available for all gamebooks and other role-playing materials that can be found within the Chronicles of Arborell.

Game Components

A complete set of this first Torchlight Module - Quest for the Orncryst comprises the following elements:

  • A 109 page Players Manual in pdf format.
  • A set of 77 full-colour playing cards.
  • A Quick Reference sheet.
  • A Character sheet.
  • A Combat Record sheet.
  • A Card Draw Register, and
  • A card box for storing your playing cards whilst not in use.

Quest for the Orncryst assembled and ready for play

Quest and Free Play Mode

This game can be played in two distinct modes. The first is by following a set of purpose-built quest objectives that allow the player to act as a Dungeon Crawler of the Deep Guild, commissioned to obtain a most prized artifact of the Ancient World. The second is a Free Play Mode that allows the player the ability to create an unlimited number of unique adventures, each that can be conducted without the need for additional players or materials.

Both of these modes of play will allow you complete freedom of movement within the role-playing setting, and the opportunity to experience a wide range of encounters, environments and deadly obstacles. At every turn you will be faced with life-threatening choices and tests of your skills as a Brother of the Deep Guild. Whether you succeed, or die in the attempt, will be determined by a measure of luck, and the good judgement you will bring to the task. Without either one of these your character will not survive to tell the tale.

Object of the Game

It is the Year of Settlement 446, a time of peace in a world that has not seen war for more than a century. For you however, violence and death remain as constant companions, the world of your existence found far beneath Arborell's quiet surface, and far from the thoughts of your fellow citizens. You are a Dungeon Crawler, one of the Brethren of the Deep Guild, charged with the job of finding artifacts for those who seek them, but who do not dare go find them themselves. For you life is both dangerous and lucrative, and inevitably short.

Unlike your Brethren in the Guild, who will take on any commission that will turn a silver coin, you have spent your years in the single-minded pursuit of one artifact alone, the Orncryst of the Trell'sara. Known amongst the Guild as the Dragonclaw it is an axe of remarkable age, fashioned in a time before the arrival of Men in the world, by a race of Beings long since lost to history. It is said that the axe holds within its design a single Dragon talon. It is said it is the only weapon in the world capable of killing such a creature. For fifteen long years you have searched the dark places of the world, finding the clues that have led you to where you now stand, and now, finally, you believe you have found the hiding place of the Orncryst.

Before you spreads the vast ruined temple complex of Traebor. Ancient beyond the reckoning of Men, the ruins of Traebor hold the object of your long quest somewhere within its depths. It is your mission to enter this dark domain and find the Orncryst, so that it may be brought back into the light of day...

Downloading the game

If you wish to purchase a copy of this game for yourself, Quest for the Orncryst may be obtained using the links given below. Please note that this edition of the Quest for the Orncryst requires both a Players Manual and a separate Card Set. Both can be found at these links:

For the Players Manual in pdf format click here

For the Card Set click here

Torchlight Text Edition

As an expansion of the Torchlight series a Text Edition has been produced for all players who cannot take full advantage of the card-based system that stands at the foundation of this game. The text edition provides all the same functionality whilst providing an unlimited number of dungeon variations, creature encounters, search and trap scenarios, and room environment modifiers. This is a full-featured role-playing setting that includes printable character, combat and mapping sheets and as with the card version is free to download here or from the Chronicles download page. It is envisaged that all further games produced in this series will have both a card and text version available. An audio tutorial will also be released shortly as a guide to visually impaired players who want to get the most from this new gamebook adventure.

To download the Torchlight Text Edition - Quest for the Orncryst

To play this game online

Torchlight Companion Gamebook - Well of Shadows

The Well of Shadows is a companion gamebook to the Torchlight Adventure Series and is a prequel to the popular Quest for the Orncryst gamebook. This interactive PDF adventure tells the story of how the Deep Guild of Das Vallendor found the location of the Orncryst of the Trell'sara and of the mission that uncovered its whereabouts.

On the western borders of Kalborea the temple-dome of Allas'nerig hides a great secret, one the Deep Guild has been searching for many years to uncover. Within its dark recesses can be found the legendary Well of Shadows and the answer to one of the greatest of Arborell's mysteries. You are one of the Brethren and it is your mission to find the Well, but the true cost of the knowledge it can give may be more than any man is willing to pay.

Well of Shadows is currently available in PDF format, as a HTML download and to play as an online gamebook.

Additional modules

Quest for the Orncryst is only the first of a number of additional Torchlight modules that are in development. Further download packs will include new adventures, including canyon and grassland settings; and a host of new creatures, tools and artifacts to be uncovered. Each adventure will seamlessly fold into the standard gamebook storylines, and provide new insights into the complex world of Arborell. I hope you enjoy the discoveries that may be found here.

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