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Prequel Gamebooks

The gamebooks listed below predate the events of the main Core Gamebooks found within the Chronicles of Arborell adventure series. From each unfolds important events that have shaped the world of Arborell prior to the restoration of the Tellandra and the death of Windhammer. In these gamebooks can be found the origins of many of the artifacts that figure prominantly in the histories of Arborell, and the stories of some of the important characters that shaped the world at the time of Halokim Vesh's sojourn into the halls of Stoneholme. What can be found here also are clues to the tangled intrigues of the Four Nations and the greater dangers that lay beyond the borders of the known world.

Each gamebook in the prequel series is a standalone adventure, providing insights into the continuing history of Arborell and the ties that bind the distant past of the world with the destinies of both the Men of the Four Nations and the Kraals of the Oera'dim. Ranging between 100 and 300 sections all will be free to download upon completion from the links provided below. Availability and timeline dates are also given.


Men have settled upon the shores of Dromannion but the great lands of Arborell lay unexplored to the west. For Dellig Tull, a Dwarvendim of the Free State, it is an exciting time of exploration and discovery, but also one of mystery. From his home at Menion'Hir he receives a message, an old friend has disappeared and he must make for the mainland to recover him. This is the story of the disappearance of the last of the Gaels, the discovery of EarthMagic, and of the first contact made between Men of the Free State and the creatures of the Oera'dim.

Sections: 300
Timeline date: YS 13
Availability: Currently under development.

The Halls of Elanna

For two hundred years Men and Oera'dim have fought for dominion over the lands of Arborell. In the west of the world the Dwarvendim have taken possession of the mountains of the Krodestaag and established upon their high plateaux the first city states of the Stone Kingdoms. For the Dwarvendim however, a great challenge is still to be met, their mastery of stone the key to powers that only a few will ever harness. In the dark of night Allabrim Vesh will be given a mission, one that will take him to the Halls of Elanna and a mysterious book known as the Mallethrax.

Sections: 300
Timeline date: YS 248
Availability: To be completed.

Well of Shadows

On the western borders of Kalborea the temple-dome of Allas'nerig hides a great secret, one the Deep Guild has been searching for many years to uncover. Within its dark recesses can be found the legendary Well of Shadows and the answer to one of the greatest of Arborell's mysteries. You are one of the Brethren and it is your mission to find the Well, but the true cost of the knowledge it can give may be more than any man is willing to pay.

The Well of Shadows is a companion gamebook to the Torchlight Adventure Series and is a prequel to the popular Quest for the Orncryst gamebook. This interactive PDF adventure tells the story of how the Deep Guild of Das Vallendor found the location of the Orncryst of the Trell'sara and of the mission that uncovered its whereabouts.

Sections: 100
Timeline date: YS 445
Availability: Currently available in PDF format, as a HTML download and as an online gamebook.

Quest for the Orncryst

Deep within the ancient ruins of Traebor lies the Orncryst, a Talisman of the Ancients and the key to the powers of EarthMagic. You are a Brother of the Deep Guild, a Dungeon Crawler by trade, and this great artifact has been your life's goal. Somewhere within the depths of the vast temple the Orncryst resides, hidden and forgotten, but it is yours to recover, you need only go find it.

Sections: 200 + Card Pack
Timeline date: YS 446
Availability: Both text and card based versions, text version is online and both as PDF manual and card set files.


The Dwarvendim now have a home of their own, their nation secure in the cold mountains of the Stone Kingdoms. For Tannendil Vesh adventure is a way of life and he has heard rumours of a great fortress in the north, one that may hold the key to the most powerful weapon the world has ever known. At the command of his King he is sent into the frontierlands only to find that he is not the only one searching, and not all of those who oppose him are creatures of flesh and blood.

Sections: 300
Timeline date: YS 524
Availability: To be completed.

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