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Chronicles Companion Series

The Chronicles Companion Series is an exciting addition to the Chronicles of Arborell fantasy gamebook adventures. Behind the scenes of great events, and in the progress of epic quests, you will find characters and circumstances that shape their cause and their outcome. In your journeys through Arborell you will meet many characters, for both good and ill, and hear of battles and lost secrets that have made the world the way it is. The Companion Series tells these stories. Some of these tales begin in the forgotten recesses of history, whilst others occur as you journey upon your quest, but all are important to what happens to you as you travel the wilds of Arborell.

Each core gamebook in the Chronicles of Arborell series will have its own companion books, and each book will uncover a small part of the interwoven story that propels you forward on your own journey. Be mindful of one important factor however. Each of these companion stories refers to people, places and events that cannot be fully appreciated without having first read the adventure it accompanies. As an example, for the newly released book, "Honour Amongst Thieves" that adventure is the Windhammer Gamebook.

The Windhammer fantasy gamebook can be found and downloaded for free at this site and is the first in the Chronicles of Arborell gamebook series. It takes you from the strongholds of Maenum to the depths of the ancient labyrinths of Stoneholme, and the lair of the Dragon Windhammer. This interactive fantasy adventure will have, in time, four companion books of which The Inquisitor's Lament is but one. Information on each of the Windhammer companion books can be found below. If you wish to download any of the available books in this series go to the Chronicles download page.

Windhammer Companion Series

A Spoil of War

It is a time of great danger for the Four Nations of Arborell. The Horde streams in through Maenum Pass and spreads over the plains of Northern Kalborea like a ravening plague. For the garrison at the small settlement of Kal Murda no warning is given and in their isolation have no chance of retreat. In the blazing light of morning the Horde Army descends upon them and in two days of violent combat the tide of the Sixth Horde War is turned. This is the story of two brothers, the only survivors of the greatest battle in the history of Kalborea, and the aftermath of the destruction of Kal Murda.

Click here to download this new Inquisitor's Lament PDF edition.

The Inquisitor's Lament

To be a Seeker of Truth can be a lonely and sometimes dangerous profession. For the Tak Malleus Lovar the responsibilities and traditions of the Guild are his life. That is until he finds reason to question their purpose. Upon the frontiers of the known world he uncovers a question that leads to a mystery and a deadly secret. One that propels him southward on a quest to find a man, once thought dead, but now his only hope. Only then can the Tak Lovar stop the folly of the Guild from destroying them all.

This new edition has been provided with new covers, a new 6x9 presentation format, more illustrations and has been rewritten to incorporate a larger narrative and wider connection to its sequel - Honour Amongst Thieves.

To view a complete on-line version of The Inquisitor's Lament click here.
To obtain this new PDF edition click here.

Click here to purchase this new Honour Amongst Thieves PDF edition.

Honour Amongst Thieves

Staked out upon the wind-swept plains of Northern Kalborea Jonath Mac was sure he was about to die a long and lonely death. Betrayed and assaulted the old man lay defenceless, his parched throat no balm for the aching vengeance that smouldered within him like a fever. Then from nowhere arose a young Dwarvendim who set him free and let him go upon his way.

Now it is time for revenge. With little more than a hunch and a few coins in his pocket he makes it his mission to track down the most ruthless bandit in Kalborea and extract a little justice of his own. Little does he realise that in doing so he will be a witness to the fall of Hel'garad and come into possession of one of the greatest treasures in the world, a stonewood sword named emurion.

To obtain this new PDF edition click here.

The Shoulders of Emur

For Malleus Lovar a new life of service to the Silvan Tree has only just begun. As Halokim carries the emurion into the wilds of the north, Malleus and Camren Patrice must act as decoys, drawing the Shadowch southwards and away from the Dwarvendim. Such is their new mission, and in its prosecution they shall be pursued by the malevolence of the Army of Shadows and in their defence have only the promise of the Caer'dahl to protect them. Whether they survive or not will depend upon the cunning of one and the knowledge of the other. Only by relying upon each other will they live to tell the tale.

Earth and Stone Companion Series

The Earth and Stone Companion Series is comprised of four novellas, each a small part of the events that interconnect within this huge gamebook adventure. Information on each book is as follows.

A Ranger of the Watch

For Brin Cael the vast mountains of the Great Rift are both home and battlefield, his duty to protect the lands of Men in the south from the ever present danger of incursion by the Horde. It is a task that has seen his life expended in brutal violence and the solitary existence of the frontier. This is the story of his last day, and of a man who would willingly give his life for honour and duty.

The Forest Whispers

For almost 430 years the Maturi Hedj has been in service to the Silvan Tree, his life dedicated to the mission given him many years before. But that is about to change for he must leave the sanctuary that has been his home to find the Caer'dahl and save them from the creatures of the Shadowch.

The Messenger

A Morg is not a trustworthy creature, more prone to treachery and destruction than honour or duty, but Magwen is no ordinary Morg. Tired of the endless bickering of his brothers he leaves the Dead Forests that are his home and strikes out to the north, looking for adventure and a purpose. What he finds will send him far from his home and deep into the lands of Men, a small pouch at his belt containing a message that will change the history of the world and make allies of mortal enemies.

Into the Light of Day

With the Shadowch destroyed Gremorgan must now turn to his next great task. Dissent now spreads through the ranks of the Armies of the March, the power of the Mutan faltering as the Jotun of the West break from the Word of Command. In their desperation the Clavern'sigh look to new allies but find only treachery and the seeds of their own demise. For the LoreMaster there can be no rest as he now finds a more dangerous path before him. To the ruined halls of Menion'Barac the Dwarvendim must now return, and find within its neglected chambers the key that can unlock the Colossi, for without them all the realms of Arborell will fall.

The Jotun Wars Companion Series


The Stone Kingdoms have been restored, the Grand Circle returned to the halls of Stoneholme, but a LoreMaster is never idle. War brews between the factions of the Jotun and in doing so threatens to spread devastation through all the realms of the world. From the ruins of Menion'Barac Gremorgan must journey north once again, his task to meet with Halokim Vesh and the Tak Lovar and make for the Jotunheim. A turn of fate will see him instead journey into the domain of the Jotun of the West and an unforeseen destiny.

The Book of Shalamai

As tension between the Jotun grows the Clavern'sigh remain unable to control their most powerful warriors. In the far west of the world the Living Book holds in his memory the resting place of a talisman, one that must be found if the nations of Arborell are to survive. At tpesh'shalamai he waits for the prophecy of his ancestors to come to fruition, but he cannot tarry long, the talisman also the goal of others who would rather bury its power. In this time of desperation he must undertake the mission himself, though it is something that cannot be done by one old Hresh alone.

The Winds of Shael

Two unlikely allies travel north to the Plains of Shael and the hunting grounds of the Droge, their intent to recover the Hammer of Souls and return it to Adamant. For the Living Book and Gremorgan this will be their greatest adventure as they search the Ice Wastes and encounter the ferocity of the Droge and the lethal winds of Shael.

Hammer of Souls

Far from the lands of all Beings rests the Hammer of Souls and it cannot remain undisturbed. In the hands of the LoreMaster Hedj and the Living Book it must be returned to Adamant but their mission is no longer secret. Hounded at every turn by the agents of the Clavern'sigh they make for the ancient fortress, unsure as to whether they can bring the Hammer to its true home before an Old Enemy arises once again in the east.

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